NEBSA Spotlight - Find Your EBS Path! The NEBSA Annual Virtual Conference.

FEBRUARY 22-23, 2021

Find Your EBS Path!

Join us at the NEBSA Annual Meeting and Conference to be held online on February 22- 23, 2021.

What a year it has been since our last conference!  The wide spread impact of COVID demanding innovative broadband solutions, new EBS rules being implemented by the FCC, the massive rollout of 5G and the emergence of T-Mobile are just some of the items to contemplate.  Fortunately, all this and more will be covered throughout the conference agenda.  We can help you “Find Your EBS Path!”

Register and special early bird rates that are only available for a limited time will be posted in the next few days!  Check the NEBSA website often for more information.

The NEBSA membership meeting will be held prior to the conference on February 17.  The NEBSA Board Meeting will be held on the day following the conference, February 24.  Agenda for the meetings and conference will be posted on the NEBSA website.

Register online at: