NEBSA Spotlight - NEBSA 2020 Conference Prepares Attendees for New Era of EBS

The NEBSA 2020 Annual Conference generated excitement and interest following changing FCC rules on EBS.

The keynote speaker was William Chotiner, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer at Ericsson who spoke on 5G history and utilization.  Additional information and perspective were provided on a subsequent panel on 5G.

Attendees commented on the strength and diversity of the sessions that differed from prior years.  Multiple panels dealt with pending rule changes.  A great deal of interest was generated by a panel of rural tribal participants and the Rural Tribal Priority Window that allows tribes to apply for licenses in their areas.

Among the panelists at the rural tribe session was Darrah Blackwater, a third-year law student at the University of Arizona specializing in federal Indian law and telecommunications.  She has also completed internships with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs and the Inspector General of the Department of Interior.  Her perspective on potential spectrum access and impact in a recent article is provided

Multiple sessions also dealt with the significant regulatory changes to EBS provided by the FCC and the potential impact to EBS licensees.

The NEBSA 2020 Annual Conference provided information, resources, networking and presentations providing a different perspective providing valued services to members.  NEBSA looks forward to continue providing support as events unfold.