NEBSA Updates - Department of Education Supports EBS Educational Mission to FCC

The Department of Education is pushing back on the FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that might impact educational use of EBS and open the spectrum to greater commercial use.

The FCC is considering revamping who can hold spectrum licenses in the 2.5 GHz band.  The FCC is considering lifting the educational eligibility requirement to hold a license and removing rules requiring the airwaves be used in part for educational purposes.

In a recent filing,, the Education Department "strongly encourages" the FCC to maintain the educational component of EBS by keeping the current eligibility requirements and issuing new licenses to educational entities.

"These measures will ensure that this valuable public resource can be leveraged by local communities to implement solutions to the 'homework gap,' close the digital divide in rural areas, and provide access to affordable broadband," the Department wrote.

If the commission moves to lift the eligibility requirement or educational use rules, or sends the airwaves straight to auction, the DOE asks for more time to "examine the potential educational impact."