NEBSA Updates - Sprint and T-Mobile Again Talking Merger

Sprint, T-Mobile Restart Deal Talks, Once Again

The Wall Street Journal is reporting ihat Sprint and T-Mobile have restarted merger talks.  The discussions are still in the preliminary stages and they could again fail to reach an agreement.  If an agreement is reached, there are still potential hurdles getting approvals at the FCC.

According to a recent report, T-Mobile’s merger plan with Sprint last year involved shutting down around 30% of Sprint’s cell sites and then deploying Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum nationwide. However, when those talks broke down, Sprint has embarked on its own major 2.5 GHz spectrum build-out with up to $6 billion in cash this year from parent SoftBank.

To view the full Wall Street Journal article, click here.

NEBSA will provide additional updates as more details are made available.